Welcome to Fluidtask! We help high-growth, product-based businesses operate more efficiently so they can focus on growth.

About the Founder

Hi - I'm Chester! I've been rooted in Boston since graduating from MIT in 2005, and have over a decade of experience in product and operations roles as part of many high-tech startups. Though I've worked across many different industries (e.g. robotic fulfillment centers, online privacy, healthcare), the unifying theme across all my roles and pursuits has been to simplify complex processes into usable products. For the past several years, I've also been closely involved with my wife's porcelain jewelry business and had direct exposure to the pain points and inefficiencies that growing businesses can face. This naturally led to the founding of Fluidtask!
I've been building out the Fluidtask platform for the past several years as a private alpha, and it's now time to make it available to a wider audience of businesses. I'm currently in a stage of building up intitial partners to work closely with in a high-touch, concierge manner to ensure value for both sides. If you're interested or would like to know more, please reach out (info@fluidtask.com)!
The other significant point I'll call out is that I am growing Fluidtask as a self-funded team. We are not taking on external funding, which means that while we'll grow with a more controlled approach, we will not have external pressures for growth so you can trust that we'll always uphold our intentions to do what we think is best for our customers.